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T-Mobile USA could merge with another carrier, but a complete sale is 'unlikely,' says CEO

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While a sale is "unlikely," Deutsche Telekom says that it may consider merging T-Mobile USA with an existing carrier.

T-mobile store logo (1020)
T-mobile store logo (1020)

After it failed to sell off T-Mobile USA to AT&T last December, Deutsche Telekom now says that it may seek to merge the company with an existing US carrier, though "a complete sale is unlikely." The remarks were made during a shareholders meeting in Germany, in which CEO Rene Obermann explained that "we must find other ways to increase the return on our capital, or to reduce our capital investment." Since the failed acquisition T-Mobile USA has gone into a period of restructuring, has which included eliminating a number of jobs throughout the company. And while no specific carriers were named as potential options for a merger, Dish — which is trying to build out an LTE network of its own — previously expressed interest in partnering up with T-Mobile should the AT&T deal fall through. Meanwhile, reports surfaced earlier this month suggesting that Deutsche Telekom was looking to merge T-Mobile with MetroPCS.