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Facebook for Windows Phone update adds threaded messaging, better tagging, likable comments (update)

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Facebook's Windows Phone app has been updated with a number of usability improvements and minor feature additions.

Facebook Windows Phone
Facebook Windows Phone

Facebook Microsoft today pushed out version 2.5 of Facebook for Windows Phone, with the latest update focused around usability improvements along with small feature additions like the ability to like comments and threaded messaging.

Tagging has seen minor enhancements, too: you can now tag friends and locations using the "with" and "at" format that has been available on Android and iOS for some time now. Microsoft has also added tap-and-hold functionality to wall interactions, offering another method for deleting unwanted posts. You can now "like" comments in much the same way, though the execution of the long-press mechanism seems a bit sloppy to us. Rather than displaying available options below the post in question, a blue bar simply appears directly overtop of comments and status updates, obscuring our view of the content. Aside from that slight quirk, the feature works largely as you'd expect.

Much like the iOS and Android incarnations of Facebook, messages are now displayed in a threaded style and support for group messaging has also been added. Smaller improvements include tappable in-line links and updates to photo comments. Facebook 2.5 is available in the Windows Phone Marketplace now — so long as you're running version 7.5 of Microsoft's mobile OS, of course.

Update: This article originally stated that Facebook responsible for this Windows Phone app. It is in fact developed directly by Microsoft.