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Cookoo smartwatch looks to follow Pebble's success on Kickstarter

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There's a new contender in the smartwatch game, as Cookoo has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to build a device to compete with Pebble.

Cookoo smartwatch
Cookoo smartwatch

The incredible success of Pebble has shown that there's definitely a market for smartwatches, and Cookoo is looking to get in on the action with a recently launched Kickstarter campaign. Cookoo is similar to Pebble in a lot of ways — it supports Bluetooth 4.0, is water resistant, works with both iOS and Android, and provides easy-to-view alerts for things like texts, calls, emails, and Facebook messages. The watch's face is more in line with a typical timepiece though, with a standard analog clock coupled with a series of icons that can light up, each representing a different type of alert. Aside from the features you'd expect, Cookoo also includes some handy tools that do things like let you know when your phone's battery is dying or sound an alert on your mobile device in case you can't find it.

Unlike Pebble, which features a rechargeable battery, Cookoo uses a standard watch battery that the creators estimate will last up to a year. You can also customize the function of the main button to do things like check in to a location on Facebook or take a picture with your phone's camera remotely. While we don't know if the team will be able to raise an amount comparable to Pebble's $10 million, the watches do appear to be moving quickly — the $50 pre-orders are sold out and Cookoo has already raised nearly a third of its $150,000 goal with more than 40 days remaining. If the watch does get funded, it's expected to launch in the fall for a retail price of between $99.95 and $129.95, depending on color.