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Nvidia touts thirty Tegra 3 smartphone designs for 2012, faster LTE with Icera i500 and next-gen 'Grey' processor

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Nvidia has 30 Tegra 3 smartphone designs for 2012, and will introduce a new next-gen LTE modem next year which will also be integrated into a Tegra processor.

Icera i500 LTE Grey roadmap stock 640
Icera i500 LTE Grey roadmap stock 640

Nvidia says its Tegra 3 system-on-chip is doing exceptionally well: the company claims 30 smartphones are slated to sport the quad-core silicon this year, double the 15 design wins that Tegra 2 had in 2011. Nvidia GM Mike Rayfield delivered the news at the company's annual investor meeting today, and he emphasized that many of these phones will be less expensive, too: 13 of them have a transfer price (not to be confused with a retail price) of under $300, compared to zero such phones last year.

Nvidia's building steam on the LTE networking front as well. This morning, Nvidia announced that its first LTE modem, the Icera 410, has been certified for AT&T's LTE network, which means that Qualcomm might have some competition (at least in the tablet space), and Mike Rayfield just introduced its successor: the Icera 500. While he didn't provide many details, he told investors that the i500 will have next-gen LTE speeds beyond what we've seen thus far, and it will be the modem paired with the company's next-gen Tegra processor for "Grey," the company's first integrated LTE silicon. We won't see Grey until next year, but Nvidia promises that its standalone Icera LTE technology will arrive later in 2012 with the aforementioned Icera 410.