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Sony Mobile drops Xperia Play from ICS upgrade list

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Sony may have decided to cancel the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Xperia Play, with the phone not appearing on the company's list of devices to be upgraded to Android 4.0.

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xperia play ics beta
xperia play ics beta

Sony has been one of the most active handset manufacturers when it comes to Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade plans for older devices, releasing beta ROMs and continually providing updates on its ICS release schedules. However, it appears the company may have quietly dropped plans to upgrade the Xperia Play. A Sony Mobile Android 4.0 upgrade page lists the devices that are due to receive the latest version of Google's mobile operating system. Every device that was mentioned in the company's April blog post are listed — all except the Play. It's unclear why such a decision may have been made, but it's certainly not for lack of development; a beta version of the Play upgrade was released back in March, with Sony Mobile stating that it was particularly interested in "how the gaming experience works on ICS." No matter what the reasoning, it would certainly be a disappointing end for a product that was once touted as a flagship device.