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Bing Maps rolls out enhanced traffic results courtesy of Nokia

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Bing Maps has begun using Nokia's own services to power geocoding and traffic results, offering expanded and more detailed traffic information and coverage.

Bing Maps Nokia
Bing Maps Nokia

Microsoft and Nokia are taking their continued collaboration a step further, incorporating the Finnish company's mapping back-end to offer expanded and improved traffic results in Bing Maps. Nokia's system will be powering the traffic results in 24 different countries, including the United States, the UK, Italy, France, and Germany. Not only does the switch bring traffic coverage to countries that didn't already have the capability, but it also adds traffic tracking for side streets in the US. The use of Nokia's geocoding services in several countries will also improve the quality of Bing's turn-by-turn directions. The changes are simply the latest benefit to hit Bing since the two companies decided to partner; both systems began using a single, unified map design back in February, and we wouldn't be surprised to see even more changes come to Bing in the months ahead.