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Summify going offline June 22nd; accounts tied to Twitter will receive daily summary emails

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Six months after being bought by Twitter, social news aggregator Summify is officially going offline as of June 22nd.

Twitter weekly email digest press
Twitter weekly email digest press

When Twitter bought social news aggregator Summify this past January, both parties acknowledged the service would eventually be shut down and now we have a date: June 22nd. According to an email sent out to Summify users, the team is shuttering the service since it is now focusing its efforts and resources on Twitter projects (the microblogging service introduced Summify-inspired weekly email digests earlier this month). All user information and digests stored on Summify will be deleted as of the shutdown date, though Summify users that have their account connected to Twitter will automatically begin receiving daily summary emails no later than June 22nd. Given that Twitter's version of the email digests are limited to just Twitter events — Summify incorporated Facebook and Google Reader stories as well — users will have to sign up for Twitter if they'd like to continue to receive them.