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Apple introduces 'editors' choice' and free 'app of the week' on the Mac App Store and iTunes

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Today Apple introduced a new "editors' choice" section and "free app of the week" promotion, boosting editorially curated app selections on the Mac App Store and iTunes.

itunes app store editors pick screenshot
itunes app store editors pick screenshot

Apparently we weren't the only ones excited about the release of Cobook, as today Apple began promoting the intelligent contact manager on the Mac App Store with its new "editors' choice" branding. This marks the first instance of the labeling, which has also been extended to Facebook Camera, Extreme Skater, Air Mail, and Sketchbook Ink for iOS. The company is also offering Cut the Rope: Experiments as a free download for a limited time as part of its ongoing "app of the week" series, making it the first paid app to be discounted completely as part of a standalone Apple promotion. While competing services like the Amazon Appstore frequently offer apps for free or at a heavy discount, promotional pricing for iOS and Mac apps are typically left to the developer or publisher's discretion.