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Spun Bench uses unbroken strands of spun carbon fiber to fill a room, support your weight

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Spun Bech is a sculpture made of spun carbon fiber that can fill a room and support your weight, all while weighing less than 14 pounds.

Spun Bench (DVICE)
Spun Bench (DVICE)

We've seen sculptures of all sizes and shapes, but here's one we hadn't seen: a configurable bench, made from NASA-inspired materials, that fills an entire room while weighing less than 6kg (approximately 13.2 pounds). It's called the Spun Bench, and it's the work of artist Mathias Bengtsson. He created the sculpture using spun carbon fiber — NASA used the same material for rocket fuel tanks — with the different modules that make up the sculpture each formed by a single, unbroken strand. The different sections can be reconfigured into a variety of different shapes, and given the nature of the materials and construction the bench is incredibly strong. The sculpture is currently being shown off at the Industry Gallery in Washington, DC, so if you're in the area and would like to see it in person, head on over before the show closes on June 29th.