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OreObject's SPHEREglow luxury mouse drops price and weight

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OreObject's SPHEREglow luxury mouse is available now in four finishes for $95 each.

sphereglow mouse 960
sphereglow mouse 960

If the $185 starting price of the stainless steel SPHERE 2 mouse is a little too steep for your budget, OreObject's new SPHEREglow may be more to your liking. Built from "aircraft grade aluminum," the lighter and slightly-less-luxurious mouse features a rotary scrolling wheel, four-way navigational buttons, a detachable micro USB cable, and the ability to quickly switch between three preset sensitivity options. This less expensive SPHEREglow mouse still runs a substantial $95, but if you're a connoisseur of peculiar mice, it's available now in obsidian, graphite, ruby, and sapphire finishes.