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First video sample from Google's Project Glass

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Google has posted the first video output from its Project Class prototype glasses, offering a look at the 720P recording capabilities.

Google Glass Sergey Brin
Google Glass Sergey Brin

Although we're still not sure exactly how Google's Project Glass wearable glasses work, the company has been testing them in very public ways over the past couple of months. Google co-founder Sergey Brin showed off the glasses at a charity event in April and a bunch of Google employees have published a series of photos from an even more recent "Google Glass Walk" this week. The photos show Sergey Brin, Colby Brown, Peter Hurley, and other Google employees using the prototype glasses in public — something that appears to be more common as the project moves out of the lab with its first batch of prototype test designs.

In a separate gallery, posted to Google+, the company has also included a sample video from its Project Glass device — providing an early look at how the glasses can capture video and photos. The video, just 15 seconds long and shot in 720P, shows what it's like to be on a trampoline while using Project Glass. Although it doesn't offer any additional clues to the exact technology behind Project Glass, it's another key example of how Google's vision to "let technology get out of your way" is slowly becoming a reality. When we spoke to Google's Sergey Brin in early April he declined to say whether the prototypes were self-powered. With rumours of a market debut by the end of the year, Brin simply said "give us time."