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NBC in negotiations to buy back Microsoft's stake, says Adweek

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NBC is reportedly in negotiations with Microsoft to buyback the site.

NBCUniversal is reportedly exploring the idea of buying from Microsoft. Citing several sources with "first-hand knowledge" of the negotiations, Adweek says NBCUniversal is discussing a buyback play with Microsoft. was originally launched as a joint venture between NBC and Microsoft back in 1996 alongside the MSNBC network. Although NBC now owns the majority of Microsoft's stake in the MSNBC network, the site is still a joint venture between the two firms.

Adweek says the partnership could be unwound by the summer with a deal to ensure keeps its placement on Microsoft's MSN portal at NBCUniversal parent company Comcast is reportedly conducting its due diligence, suggesting that the talks have progressed somewhat. and NBCUniversal spokespeople refused to comment on the report.