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'Indie Game: The Movie' will be Steam's first full-length film release

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Steam offers up Indie Game: The Movie as the service's first full-length film in the digital game store.

indie game
indie game

Digital distribution service Steam has been a godsend for independent video game developers and, as such, it is only appropriate that Indie Game: The Movie will be available alongside the very same titles covered in the documentary. The movie is also up for grabs on iTunes and directly from the site, but this is Steam's first foray into the realm of full-length motion pictures — possibly paving way for more non-game content to be released on the platform. According to filmmaker James Swirsky, the 1080p video "will be DRM'd as much as any other Steam product/game," so it looks like you'll need to have the desktop client on your computer to enjoy the film. Indie Game: The Movie can be pre-ordered from Steam for $8.99, which includes a 10 percent discount until its June 12th release.