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Blip Festival 2012 starts tonight in NYC, featuring Bit Shifter, Nullsleep, and many more

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Blip Festival, a three-day showcase of chip music, kicks off today in New York City.

Infinity Shred
Infinity Shred

Blip Festival, the three-day showcase of chip music that has been running since 2006, is back in New York City starting tonight. The entire lineup includes some two dozen acts, as well as visual artists and likely a few surprise team-ups. There's a wide range of styles represented, but all the musicians, to some extent, work within the limits of decades-old hardware, especially early gaming consoles. We posted a partial list of performers last month, and now Blip Festival's site has the whole list, including longtime chip musicians Nullsleep and Bit Shifter and On The Verge guests George & Jonathan and Infinity Shred. Our own Joshua Kopstein will also be there as Zen Albatross.

Performances start tonight at 8pm EDT and continue through Sunday at Manhattan's Gramercy Theatre. If you're interested in tickets, you can buy them through Blip Festival's site. For everyone who's interested but can't make it, you might still be in luck if you're anywhere near Tokyo or Melbourne, Australia.