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    Remaining Enyo team says it's 'redoubling' development efforts

    Remaining Enyo team says it's 'redoubling' development efforts


    On its official blog, the Enyo project team says that the majority of engineering and leadership staff remain and that it's "redoubling" development efforts.

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    The official blog for the HTML5-based Enyo framework has responded to last night's news that key members of the team are departing for Google, saying that it would like to "clarify some of the news reports you may have read today." Notably, the team — which is an open source project that just happens to be comprised mostly or entirely of HP employees at present — says that "the majority of the engineering and leadership team remains" and that it's "redoubling" efforts to continue development. Everything we've learned from sources in the past day suggests that the Enyo members most heavily invested in the platform have indeed left (those "responsible for 99 percent" of the code, we're told), but it stands to reason that the remaining team would be looking to cast the situation in as positive a light as it possibly can.

    The post goes on to say that response to Enyo 2 — the latest version introduced as part of Open webOS — has been positive, and that the team is actually growing both to backfill the departures and to increase net headcount. HP's statement this morning indicated a desire to stick to Open webOS's original roadmap announced in January, which would have a final release in users' hands in September of this year; there's little question it'll need to staff up in order to do so.