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Rumor: Galaxy S III to hit US and Canada June 20th, Galaxy Note coming to T-Mobile July 11th

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Several recent rumors seem to indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be arriving in North America on June 20th, with the Galaxy Note and two MyTouch devices from Huawei possibly coming to T-Mobile on July 11th.

Gallery Photo: Galaxy S III review gallery
Gallery Photo: Galaxy S III review gallery

We found a lot to like in Samsung's Galaxy S III when we took a look at it this week, and while we know the phone is scheduled to arrive in Europe on May 29th, the best we'd heard for North America was "June." That window appears to be narrowing, as a number of rumors are suggesting that June 20th is the day US and Canadian users will be able to get their hands on Samsung's flagship device. MobileSyrup posted a screenshot denoting a June 20th release for the phone, with availability on Canadian carriers Rogers, Bell, Telus, and Virgin Mobile. The site reports that it was later asked to take down the screenshot, but not before Tom's Hardware grabbed a copy of the image.

Adding another piece to the puzzle, TMoNews reports that it received a tip on the phone's availability on T-Mobile, with the metallic blue version of the device slated to arrive on — you guessed it — June 20th. According to the site, the white version of the Galaxy S III won't be arriving until July 11th, and in the 16GB variety only, at that. The 11th is also said to feature the debut of three additional phones on T-Mobile: the carrier's recently-spotted version of the Galaxy Note, as well as two new MyTouch devices made by Huawei. Of course, all of the dates should be considered rumors until they're officially confirmed, but the next two months might provide Android users quite a few new choices to pick from.