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Pace's XG1 cable box runs TiVo software and records six channels

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TiVo and Pace have announced the XG1, a DVR capable of recording six channels at once.

TiVo logo
TiVo logo

Making good on a partnership announced in February, hardware provider Pace introduced its XG1 this week, a TiVo-powered set-top box that falls on the higher end of the market thanks to the inclusion of six video tuners — two more than the Premiere XL4 that TiVo sells directly. It looks like the XG1 will deliver a relatively legitimate TiVo experience with multi-room support and access to the company's suite of mobile apps when it rolls out later this year, but don't expect to buy it from TiVo's or Pace's websites: as with other Pace products, it'll be offered through participating cable providers. Of course, the upside is that subscribers will be able to get this as a part of their monthly plan rather than forking out $400 upfront for an XL4, though the XL4 features 2 terabytes of storage out of the box — Pace is only promising "at least 500GB" in the XG1, which we're guessing will be decided by the individual cable companies offering it.