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Leap Motion - Gesture control technology puts Kinect to shame.


Kinect was a great initiative and move in the right direction, but for some reason it was never taken further and is currently still a very clumsy, low res non intricate control solution with no version II in sight.

What I saw with leap was amazing. It looks near perfect with zero input lag and pin-point precision tracking. Looks good enough for doctors to perform surgery with.

Sadly kinect will never have much of a future inside notebooks and all-in-one PC's if it's not drastically improved and leap hits the market first. I know they are slightly different and Kinect does full body skeletal tracking while this works with the hands only for now, but it's our hands and the subtle movements of our fingers that let us do the things we do as humans and the leap has nailed it seems, so this device would take preference in most scenarios.

I think Microsoft can't afford to let Apple buy Leap out if it ever decides to sell because it would then have an enormous advantage over Ms in every sense. I know leap stated they would try to bring out drivers for all major OS's but you never know, a couple of billion might just change their mind.

Unless Ms can cook something near identical up if I were Ballmer I'd be on this like a fly on sh*t.

This is 100% real peeps, at first I thought it was a hoax.

As a dev and after seeing this I am not even going to waste my time with Kinect and

get the leap and respective SDK, because it looks to be the bee's knees. Can't be topped

for gesture tracking by anyone out there currently and should steam roll over any competitor.