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Watch this: a brief look at Foxconn's iPhone assembly line

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A Chinese news report shows a rare look into the inner workings of Foxconn's Zhengzhou manufacturing facility,

ifeng Foxconn tour
ifeng Foxconn tour

Unless you're Apple CEO Tim Cook, it's difficult to get a tour of one of Foxconn's Chinese production facilities. But ifeng has managed to do just that, with a brief news report in which a reporter ventures into the Zhengzhou facility alongside Foxconn CEO Terry Gou. Like ABC's Nightline broadcast from earlier this year, the four-minute clip isn't particularly revelatory when it comes to the controversial working conditions, but it does provide a rare and interesting look at where iPhones are actually made — and the flyby sequence early on is a good indicator of just how big the Zhengzhou plant actually is. You can see the entire clip below, though unfortunately it's not in English.