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Motorola releases official demo videos of its new Android 4.0 skin

Motorola releases official demo videos of its new Android 4.0 skin


Motorola has released several walkthrough videos demoing its upcoming Android 4.0 skin for the RAZR and RAZR Maxx.

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Motorola recently promised that both the RAZR and the RAZR Maxx would get Ice Cream Sandwich sometime this quarter, and now the company has released several video walkthroughs of the company's new Android 4.0 skin. Leaked versions of the ROM have been floating around for months, but now we're getting our first official look at what should be the version that will be released to phones in the coming weeks. While Motorola has indeed skinned Ice Cream Sandwich, we're glad to report that the company has shown some restraint. Almost all the icons have been changed and a few things have been moved around a bit, but the skin shouldn't provoke too much ire from the fans of vanilla Android.

The lock screen now has four shortcuts — messaging and dialer join stock Android 4.0's camera and unlock options — and there's also a toggle at the top to let you silence the phone. Motorola has had its way with the gallery app, and the camera app has been updated with the ability to take stills while shooting video. Thankfully, the company has completely scrapped its all-in-one social networking app and now encourages users to download the first-party Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn apps. That's certainly a good sign, and while we're not sure yet how this "Blur" skin fits into Google's and new CEO Dennis Woodside's plans for Motorola, as a worst-case senario the company's take on Ice Cream Sandwich is certainly a step in the right direction. We've posted the best demo videos below (note: the first is in Japanese), but be sure to check Droid Life to see every video released today, including the new version of Webtop.