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Survival Condo Project sells out of missile silo-based, apocalypse-ready apartments

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Larry Hall's 200 foot-deep, missile silo-housed apartment complex in Kansas, called the Survival Condo Project, has sold all of its units. They started at $2 million.

Survival Condo
Survival Condo

If the nuclear apocalypse comes, do you want to be hanging out with the mutants we got to know oh-so-well in Fallout? Of course not, but you'll have to pay for the privilege to ride out the end of the world in the lap of luxury — to the tune of at least $2 million if you're looking to get into Larry Hall's 200 foot-deep, missile silo-housed apartment complex in Kansas. It might sound crazy to you, but the Survival Condo Project is very much real — we went out to see it in person last year — and Hall tells CNET that all of the condos have been purchased. A check of the project's website shows that one unit's sale is still pending, but Hall says that there's a waiting list and that he's even planning to build two or three more shelters to provide for the demand.

The survival condos are designed to hold up to 70 people and have enough resources to keep them alive for years. There's also a number of modern amenities: a pool, theater, and workout area, for instance, but no real daylight, of course. If the facility is indeed to house the remnants of human life, there may be some political problems and infighting, among other issues. Hall told us that a condo board should help mitigate those problems, and the project's website says that one of the new tenants is a dentist — there'll be no need to resort to Tom Hanks' Cast Away dental work, then. Hall says one of the condo units is now ready, and that the rest will be ready in eight to ten weeks. If you're disappointed that you missed out on the Survival Condo Project, there are still other options: people are taking many different approaches to apocalypse survival, as we've seen first-hand.