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Visual computing student archives the graphics of 80s and early 90s home computer systems

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Werner Randelshofer of ETH Zurich university maintains an online archive of the fledgling computer graphics of eighties and nineties home computers.

Atari ST
Atari ST

ETH Zurich student Werner Randelshofer has been archiving the digital artwork of eighties and early nineties home computer systems on the web. A master's student in visual computing, Randelshofer has collected samples from the Amiga, Atari ST, IBM clones, and lesser-known computer systems like the British SAM Coupé.

We've seen the influence that digital artwork can have on culture, and Randelshofer takes a historical approach to his archive by reaching out to the original artists for comments on their animations. In some cases, the artists offer interesting insight on what tricks they used to get the most out of the 8 and 16-bit computer systems of the time. The aforementioned SAM Coupé, for example, was able to produce graphics very similar to its 16-bit competitors using some clever programming. The GIFs here were kindly converted by Prosthetic Knowledge, but the downloadable "IFF ANIM" files (with sound) are available at Randelshofer's site.