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Nokia Lumia 900 Batman edition heading to the UK in the coming weeks

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Nokia is planning to sell its limited edition Batman Lumia 900 in the UK, Germany, France, and elsewhere.

Nokia Lumia batman
Nokia Lumia batman

Nokia originally introduced the idea of a batphone with its Lumia 800 Dark Knight Rises limited edition handset back in December, but it looks like the company is preparing to brand its Lumia 900 too. Pocket-Lint reports that Nokia will start selling a limited edition Lumia 900 at Phones4U in the UK "very shortly" complete with a Batman logo laser etched into its body.

Nokia's previous Lumia 800 batphone never went on sale, but those who managed to get hold of a limited edition handset were treated to a set of preloaded wallpapers and a dedicated Dark Knight Rises tile on the Windows Phone homescreen, alongside the unique Batman logo. Nokia isn't discussing pricing or availability, but with the film release on July 20th the phone is expected to go on sale in the UK, Germany, France, and other European countries in the coming weeks.