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BBC: no plans to launch iPlayer Windows Phone app in the immediate future

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The BBC has denied reports that it is planning to release a Windows Phone iPlayer app in the coming weeks.

iPlayer Windows Phone
iPlayer Windows Phone

A number of Windows Phone fans have been eagerly awaiting official support of the BBC's iPlayer video on demand service, and it appeared that an app was imminent. Not so says the BBC, who have denied previous reports that it is planning to offer a native Windows Phone app "in the immediate future." Speaking to Pocket-Lint, a BBC spokesperson says the company is always looking at new and existing platforms for BBC iPlayer, but that it has no plans for a Windows Phone native app.

Although the BBC worked closely with Microsoft on its recently launched Xbox 360 iPlayer app, it doesn't sound like a similar Windows Phone application will be ready any time soon. The BBC currently supports iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices for its iPlayer service so we'd expect to see Windows Phone support at some point in the future, just not in the coming weeks.