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Explay releasing the Crystal: a feature phone with a transparent color display

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Russian handset maker Explay will be releasing the Crystal feature phone with a transparent color display and dual SIM compatibility on July 1st.

Explay Crystal
Explay Crystal

The Explay Crystal isn't the first mobile phone with a transparent display — that honor goes to the Xperia Pureness. It isn't even the first handset with a transparent color display, since the Lenovo S800 was released in the middle of 2011. But, despite not being first to market, the Explay Crystal does have a brighter and more vibrant color display than the S800. The 7,000 ruble ($219) Crystal will also be much cheaper than the S800's $500 list price.

The Explay Crystal falls squarely in the category of feature phone, meaning that its dual-SIM compatiability and media player functions are about as fancy as it gets. It does include Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP support and all the usual functions like a contact list and a basic camera with video functionality. The Explay Crystal will be on sale in Russia starting July 1st, and will be a perfect companion for your completely synthetic body.