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Kinect-enabled Kreek interface uses a flexible surface for added depth

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A new Kinect hack features a flexible interface to create a touch screen-like interface with an extra layer of depth.

Kreek Kinect interface
Kreek Kinect interface

We've seen Kinect used to turn surfaces into touch screen-like interfaces before, but we haven't come across anything quite like Kreek — a prototype that eschews a solid surface like a coffee table for something a little more flexible. Created by a group of students from the Köln International School of Design in Germany, Kreek features a stretchy piece of fabric with images projected on to it, while Kinect cameras are used to determine exactly where you're touching. Because the surface is flexible, in addition to using it like a regular touch screen you can also push down on it for an added layer of depth. For instance, when a model of the human body is displayed, you can press down to remove layers of skin, muscle, and organs — push far enough and all you're left with is the skeleton. You can see Kreek in action below, as well as some images of its construction over at Flickr.