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Adam Savage at Maker Faire: 'Why We Make'

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Adam Savage makes an appearance at Maker Faire this year to talk about "Why We Make."

Adam Savage
Adam Savage

Adam Savage delivered a speech entitled "Why We Make" at this year's Maker Faire. In it, Savage attempts to pin down the reason why makers do what they do, and starts off by describing his first creation — a Millenium Falcon he made in his mother's closet when he was a boy.

Savage goes on to talk about the false dichotomy between culture and pop culture, and how educators and industry professionals shouldn't delineate between recreating the objects of fiction and creating something new. He hopes that a current generation of youths will be inspired create whatever it is they find interesting, and points out that math, science, and art are all necessary ingredients for creative work. To find out more about what the MythBuster, educator, and prop maker thinks about the future of making, be sure to prime your welding torch and watch the video below.