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Inspired by Instagram, photographer creates Lightroom presets that mimic app's filters

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Photographer Casey McCallister has developed Adobe Lightroom presets that mimic each of Instagram's 17 filters.

Lightroom Instagram Presets
Lightroom Instagram Presets

After receiving multiple requests from clients to make their pictures look "like Instagram," photographer Casey McCallister has developed Adobe Lightroom presets that mimic the app's visual effects. McCallister has bundled together presets for each of the 17 filters currently featured within Instagram — which now serves over 50 million users — and is offering the whole package for $5. He is also pledging to provide buyers with additional presets free of charge should the app's developers release new filters in the future.

Judging by the sample photos, McCallister's presets largely resemble the Instagram effects that inspired them, though a discerning eye might notice some differences. To that end, he says the unofficial recreations are meant to provide a "good starting spot" for photo editing, and encourages users to experiment if they're not satisfied with the initial result. If nothing else, at least you won't be handcuffed to Instagram's 612x612 image sizes any longer.

The Adobe Lightroom Instagram presets are available for PC / Mac, and McCallister says they can be used for any personal or commercial purpose. If you're looking to liberate that vintage aesthetic from your mobile device, hit the source below.