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Sony's Homestream software streams media files to DLNA devices

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Sony has released Homestream, an application for Mac and PC that will stream local media files to any DLNA compatible device.

Sony Homestream
Sony Homestream

Sony has typically been very selective with the file formats their devices support, but the company has eased up a bit by releasing an application for Mac and PC called Homestream. While usually restricted to MP4 and AVI files, Sony devices can now play MKV, MOV, VOB, and other file types over a network by having Homestream transcode them on the fly.

Homestream is based on an open-source program called Serviio, which means it'll also work with other DLNA clients. PS3MediaServer and Plex have supported this functionality for quite some time, and are perhaps a bit more reliable — we weren't able to get our titles to play on our PS3, so your mileage may vary.