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Nokia says 'Angry Birds' will be optimized for Windows Phone Tango's 256MB of RAM

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Nokia Conversations editor-in-chief Heidi Lemmetyinen says that Angry Birds will be optimized for the RAM-limited Nokia Lumia 610.

Windows Phone Tango RAM warning
Windows Phone Tango RAM warning

If you thought it was a little odd that Nokia's Lumia 610 wouldn't support the hottest mobile game ever to be produced in its native Finland, your hunch was spot-on. Nokia says that a version of Angry Birds specifically optimized for Windows Phone Tango's 256MB memory constraint will be released in the near future. Heidi Lemmetyinen, editor-in-chief of the company's official Nokia Conversations blog, says that while the app isn't available yet, it's definitely on the way, and that she hopes to be able to announce a release date ASAP. Of course, while Angry Birds is the highest profile app incompatible with RAM-limited budget Windows Phone devices, it's not the only one: Skype, Tango, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 also don't work at the moment. Microsoft has a vested interest in making Skype work, though, so we expect it will before long.