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SpaceX Dragon reminds ISS astronaut of 'sci-fi filmset,' images of docked spacecraft hit Flickr

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An astronaut aboard the International Space Station describes SpaceX's Dragon as resembling a "sci-fi filmset" and has posted an image of the docked capsule.

SpaceX Dragon ISS picture
SpaceX Dragon ISS picture

SpaceX's Dragon capsule successfully berthed with the International Space Station a few days ago, and the ISS crew is now getting a firsthand look at the unmanned spacecraft. In describing the privately-funded vessel, astronaut and physician André Kuipers refers to the module as "beautiful," "spacious," and "modern." The Dragon "feels a bit like a sci-fi filmset" with its multiple blue LED lights, says Kuipsers. "Of course it's from Los Angeles," he says — an obvious nod to SpaceX's proximity to Hollywood, where countless sci-fi fantasies have been brought to life.

Kuipers snapped a picture of the docked capsule and uploaded the shot to his Flickr account, giving the masses a small glimpse of Dragon as its cargo mission gets underway 230 miles in outer orbit. This is just the first of at least 12 flights SpaceX will be making to the ISS, so there should be plenty of memorable photos to come.