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Good Deal: Over 400 discounted indie game titles courtesy of Because We May sale

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The Because We May indie game sale has added hundreds of newly-discounted titles, boasting a total of over 250 discounted games for iOS and over 100 for Android.

Frozen Synapse Good Deal
Frozen Synapse Good Deal

When Because We May launched last week, it was already a great idea: a week-long sale for independent game developers to showcase their wares. With just over 60 games listed across multiple platforms, however, it wasn't the biggest sale; that's changed during the past few days with literally hundreds of new titles joining in. As of now, Because We May is featuring 105 discounted Android games on the Google Play Store, 265 iOS games, and numerous other Mac, Windows, and Linux titles from Steam, IndieVania, and a variety of other sources. We expect the number of titles to balloon every further as the sale winds towards its conclusion, but the discounts end June 1st, so head on over to Because We May to see the full list of titles.