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Panasonic Viera ZT5 plasma TVs promise improved blacks, coming to Japan in June

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Panasonic has announced Japanese pricing and a release date for its ZT5 series of plasma TVs.

panasonic viera zt5
panasonic viera zt5

If you're still pining over the loss of the Pioneer Kuro, Panasonic might have something for you in the coming weeks. Its new ZT5 plasma TVs come in both 65-inch and 50-inch varieties and are said to have greatly improved black levels. The ZT5 TVs will be released in Japan next month, but it's unclear if these TVs are regional variations of models in the lineup we saw at CES. They sound pretty similar to the high-end VT50 series, though, with a priority on black levels and a sleek design that pairs a single pane of glass with a tiny metal bezel.

The sets also feature Wi-Fi and DLNA streaming support along with Skype and various other smart TV features. At ¥650,000 (about $8,171) for the 65-inch model and ¥410,000 ($5,154) for the 50-inch we have to wonder if these will do anything to boost Panasonic's flagging plasma sales, but it's good to see the company still catering to this area of the market.