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GameStop now sells Android tablets at over 1,600 stores

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GameStop has expanded its Android tablet pilot program to cover over 1,600 locations.

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gamestop storefront
gamestop storefront

After launching a pilot program at 200 stores last November, GameStop has announced it's now selling Android tablets at over 1,600 locations. As before, the tablets come with a preinstalled selection of games which at present includes titles like Shadowgun, Riptide and Sonic CD, along with the Kongregate Arcade app. The Android devices are also selling alongside iPads in the tablet section of the company's website.

Although GameStop allows trade-ins on iOS devices it has yet to extend the offer to Android devices; given the expansion of its tablet program, the probability of that changing soon seems high. Prices range from $229.99 for an Acer Iconia 7-inch Tablet to $499.99 for the 32GB Asus Transformer Prime. If you're interested in picking one up, GameStop has a Bing-powered search tool to help you find the nearest store offering tablets.