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Futulele iOS app out now, brings iPhone and iPad together in a ukelele union

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The Futulele app, which lets you combine an iPad and iPhone to emulate a Ukelele, has been released on iOS for $4.99. The iPhone companion app has yet to be released.

futulele ukelele app
futulele ukelele app

Announced back in March, the Futulele app has just hit the app store. While it may not be the first Ukelele app for iOS, it's certainly the slickest. Futulele's big selling point is its two playing modes: the first is a standard interface which allows you to strum away and switch between chords on the fly, much like Apple's Garageband iOS app. The second uses either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to wirelessly connect your iPad and iPhone via a remote app, with the latter then responsible for chord switching.

The developer, Amidio, is also planning to sell a case with built-in speakers (the case above is a prototype) which will hold both your iOS devices in a ukelele-like formation. It's still looking for a manufacturing partner for the case, though, so we're not holding our breath for a release anytime soon. Aside from the two-screen mode, there's the usual set of recording, effects, and playback options on-board, and operation seems to be a cinch. Futulele is available from the App Store now for $4.99, but the iPhone remote app has yet to surface. To coincide with the app's launch, Amidio has released a video of Futulele in the midst of a Jason Mraz-inspired brodown — if that doesn't persuade you to part with your well-earned cash, what will?