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    New version of LG Smart TV Upgrader announced for June in Korea

    New version of LG Smart TV Upgrader announced for June in Korea


    The LG SP820 Smart TV Upgrader, a refreshed version of the set-top box that adds web browsing, streaming video, and Magic Motion Remote Control support to ordinary HDTVs, goes on sale in Korea this June for around $170 US.

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    At this point, you'd be hard-pressed to find a high-end new television that's not a smart TV, but owners of older devices are hardly left out in the cold. LG is releasing an updated version of its Smart TV Upgrader, a set-top box that brings features like apps and web browsing to ordinary HDTVs. The latest version, the SP820, was announced at CES and is now coming out next month in Korea. Like the older ST600, the SP820 connects via HDMI and adds the standard smart TV web browser, as well as any apps LG supports, using Wi-Fi or DLNA. The newer version can also pull in 3D video and adds support for the Magic Motion Remote Control, presumably including its new voice and gesture features. Remote control support probably won't be the sole selling point for anyone, but it does set the SP820 apart from any number of other streaming set-top boxes. The SP820 Smart TV Upgrader ships in June for 199,000 won (about $170 US) in Korea. There's no word yet on a US release, but the cheaper and less full-featured SP520 is already on sale here for $79.99.