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NuForce's Cube combines a speaker, DAC, and headphone amp into a $119 package

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NuForce has released its 3-in-1 Cube speaker, headphone amplifier, and USB digital-to-analog converter.

nuforce cube ipod
nuforce cube ipod

NuForce, the maker of many mid-range and high-end audio components, just released its portable Cube speaker. This 3-in-1 device packs what NuForce calls a "very high-quality" speaker driver, USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC), and headphone amplifier into a diminutive 2 inch square package. The USB DAC supersedes your computer's integrated audio hardware and improves music quality by processing music with its own music chipset. When not tethered to a computer as a DAC, the Cube should last about eight hours in either speaker mode or when adding a little thump to your headphones. The Cube is available now on NuForce's website for $119, and can be purchased with an optional iPod Nano adapter that we think is downright adorable.