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Watch this: 'Blade Runner' 1982 behind-the-scenes reel with Ridley Scott and Syd Mead

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A promotional reel for "Blade Runner," created specifically for science fiction and fantasy conventions prior to the film's release, provides a look at the movie's production, with director Ridley Scott, futurist Syd Mead, and visual effects wizard Douglas Trumbull describing their work on the film.

Syd Mead Blade Runner promo reel
Syd Mead Blade Runner promo reel

We can't wait for Ridley Scott's Prometheus to hit theaters, but long before the director teamed with Damon Lindelof to revisit the world of Alien, he created the sci-fi noir classic Blade Runner. A behind-the-scenes feature, put together to hype the film at various science fiction and fantasy conventions, takes a look at the creation of the movie. A fresh-faced Scott is featured along with futurist Syd Mead and visual effects wizard Douglas Trumbull, all discussing the production and design of the movie's universe; Mead explains how he began with clean, futuristic lines in his designs, and then added additional passes of machinery and detail to create a layered, realistic look at a world that had slowly devolved. Even the magazine covers created for the film's background set dressing make an appearance. It's a must-view for anyone that appreciates the seminal 1982 film — or is interested in the notion of Scott and screenwriter Hampton Fancher teaming up for a possible sequel.