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    LiveLine makes yacht racing TV-friendly

    LiveLine makes yacht racing TV-friendly


    LiveLine video technology allows infographics to be overlaid on top of sports broadcasts with no geostationary reference point.

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    SportVision's broadcast technology, LiveLine, has just won an Emmy award for bringing real-time, on-screen sports metrics to competitive yacht racing. With cooperation from America's Cup, LiveLine has left its geostationary reference points on the ground and taken to the air using their advanced GPS and camera stabilization systems.

    LiveLine faced a new challenge while developing the technology — constant motion. The process used for field sports requires geostationary reference points, while yachting is typically filmed from inside a helicopter. LiveLine combines military grade GPS receivers, high-powered radios, and gyroscopically stabilized cameras to triangulate the distance between competitors. Once this data is transmitted to the ground, operators can add metrics like wind speed, nautical speed, placement in the race, waypoints, and even what country the boat represents, all in real time.

    SportVision is planning on bringing the technology to other sports, so even those who aren't yachting enthusiasts could be enjoying these infographics in the near future. For a closer look at the broadcast magic that LiveLine has created, take a look at their video on the technology below.