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Gaikai to bring cloud-based gaming to WikiPad 3D tablet

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OnLive competitor Gaikai is entering a partnership with WikiPad to bring its game streaming service to the WikiPad 3D tablet.

wikipad 3d
wikipad 3d

OnLive competitor Gaikai is entering a partnership with WikiPad, creator of the WikiPad 3D, to bring its game streaming service to the Android slate. The WikiPad 3D is an Android 4.0 tablet that we first saw back at CES, but it's changed quite a lot since then. It's now being marketed primarily as a gaming device and has had its 8.1-inch 3D display switched for a 10.1-inch "premium" unit — which we assume, given the tablet's name, will also be 3D-capable. Its single-core 1.2GHz processor has now been upgraded to a quad-core and there will now be 3G data options in addition to Wi-Fi connectivity. A major differentiator for the tablet is its Razer Fiona-like detachable gamepad, which should provide a better gaming experience than traditional touchscreen controls . We're not sure how ergonomically sound a gamepad with a 10.1-inch display will be, but you'll certainly look ridiculous enough using it in public.

Gaikai may not be as established as market leader OnLive, but it's been signing up a number of big-name partners recently. It debuted a Facebook app last month that allows game streaming through the social network, showed off Mass Effect 3 streaming through the cloud, and will be powering cloud gaming on LG Smart TVs later this year.

The WikiPad 3D was originally set for release in March at less than $250, but that target has obviously come and gone, and there's currently no word on a potential release date or an updated price to match its new specs.