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Nokia promises a range of tablets and 'hybrid' mobile devices

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Nokia says it will launch a range of tablets and "hybrid" mobile devices to compete with Apple and Samsung.

nokia windows 8 tablet mockup
nokia windows 8 tablet mockup

Nokia may have reported a €1.3b operating loss for Q1 2012, and suffered several ratings agency downgrades recently, but the company appears confident it can turn its troubles around. Speaking to the Financial Times, Nokia's chairman, Jorma Ollila, has promised that the firm will launch a range of tablets and "hybrid" smart mobile devices to help it compete against the likes of Apple and Samsung.

"Tablets are an important one, so that is being looked into, and there will be different hybrids, different form factors [handset designs] in the future," said Ollila. Although there's no clear timeline on Nokia's tablet plans, the company's head of design, Marko Ahtisaari, fuelled speculation earlier this year that a Windows 8 tablet is on the way by admitting to spending a third of his time designing an upcoming tablet. Nokia is rumored to be working on a 10-inch Windows 8 tablet running on a dual-core Qualcomm SoC, expected later this year. Ollila didn't discuss the software side of Nokia's promised range of tablets, but he did back the company's partnership with Microsoft, and it seems only natural that the pair would team up for a colorful Windows 8 tablet.