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Huawei MediaPad updated to Android 4.0

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Huawei has updated it's MediaPad tablet to Android 4.0 in certain territories, but there's no word yet on a SpringBoard update

T-Mobile SpringBoard
T-Mobile SpringBoard

Huawei has released an update that brings Android 4.0 to its MediaPad tablet (the international name for T-Mobile's SpringBoard). Clocking in at a massive 328MB, the download will bring all of ICS's improvements, including new Camera, Gallery, and Gmail apps, and compatibility with Chrome Beta. According to the firmware's readme file, the update has been "tested strictly in Zealand, Singapore, Bengal, and Australia, but network situation is different and complicated in difference places," although initial reports indicate that it's compatible with any MediaPad.

According to users on xda-developers, the T-Mobile SpringBoard can also be flashed with the update, but it's worth remembering that doing so will remove all T-Mobile branding and software, as well as invalidating your warranty. If you're not happy with risking it, you'll be stuck with Android 3.2 Honeycomb for the time being, as T-Mobile has yet to confirm that the SpringBoard will receive any further updates.