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    'Chasing Aurora' teaser trailer shows how beautiful flight can be

    'Chasing Aurora' teaser trailer shows how beautiful flight can be


    A new trailer for Broken Rules' upcoming game Chasing Aurora is out, giving us a first glimpse at the title's story mode.

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    Indie developer Broken Rules is working on a follow-up to its world-rotating platform game And Yet It Moves, and based on a new trailer it doesn't look like the studio will be suffering from a sophomore slump. Chasing Aurora is described as "an explorative 2D aerial action game about the dream of flight," which involves you controlling a small bird as it ventures through a mountainous terrain. It almost looks like a more fleshed out version of iPhone hit Tiny Wings, where the goal is to explore instead of rack up a high score. Unsurprisingly, Chasing Aurora is also a beautiful game and, based on the clip below, it has at least one terrific song in its soundtrack. It features both multiplayer and story modes, and you can expect to see its release later this year. Or, as Broken Rules says, "the sun will rise 2012."