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Samsung Galaxy S III coming to Sprint, sources say

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Sources are telling us that Sprint will offer a version of Samsung's Galaxy S III.

Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy SIII
Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy SIII

We've learned from people close to the matter that Sprint is on tap to carry a version of the Galaxy S III just announced in London. The move comes as little surprise — Sprint has worked closely with Samsung on the last two Galaxy S launches, offering the Epic 4G in 2010 and the Epic 4G Touch last year — so it only stands to reason that the two companies would be hooking up once again. We would fully expect it be compatible with Sprint's upcoming LTE network, though we haven't seen specs for the Sprint-specific model.

We haven't received direct information indicating that the S III will be coming to other US carriers, but odds are very good that it will — both the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II launched in various forms across virtually every North American network (Verizon notably passed on the S II, but went on to launch the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus).