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Kia and Samsung team up to offer free Galaxy Tab 10.1 with K9 luxury sedan pre-order

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With its new luxury sedan the K9 set to launch in Korea, Kia has teamed up with Samsung to offer a free Galaxy Tab 10.1 to those who register to buy the car.

Kia K9
Kia K9

For those who pre-order Kia's soon-to-be-released K9 luxury sedan in South Korea, the company has teamed up with Samsung for an added bonus — a free Galaxy Tab 10.1. According to The Korea Herald, only those who register to buy the car before June will receive the freebie, which is described as a "special edition" of Samsung's tablet. We're not quite sure what makes it special, but the K9 version of the Tab 10.1 will include a vehicle guide to help owners get accustomed to their new car. The deal appears to only be for South Korea (where the K9 will launch first), though Kia does have plans to bring the car to additional markets towards the end of this year. But whether or not the Tab 10.1 will be included elsewhere around the world remains to be seen.