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Boingo bringing Wi-Fi to New York City subway stations over the next five years

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A new deal between Boingo and Transit Wireless will bring Wi-Fi to a number of underground subway stations throughout New York.

New York City stock 1020
New York City stock 1020

New York City's subway stations will soon be a bit more connected, thanks to a new agreement between Boingo and Transit Wireless that will introduce Wi-Fi to underground stations throughout the city. The multi-year roll out is expected to last five years, after which Boingo's Wi-Fi service will be available in stations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. You'll be able to get one-click access to the network either with a Boingo subscription or through one of the company's roaming partners, which include Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Skype. It wasn't revealed just how many of the city's 277 stations will be Wi-Fi-enabled, but combined with the ongoing roll out of cellular service, this news should make waiting for a train in NYC a bit more tolerable — of course, for some of us a newspaper is more than enough.