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eBay 2.0 for iPad includes overhauled Retina-ready visuals, customizable home screen

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eBay has released version 2.0 of its iPad app with changes focused around a revised UI and Retina display support.

eBay 2.0 for iPad
eBay 2.0 for iPad

eBay today pushed out version 2.0 of its auction app for iPad, bringing with it a fresh visual overhaul featuring Retina display support and a more intuitive layout. Upon signing in, users are greeted by a new, customizable home screen with quick links to various destinations on the site (deals, popular items, recent items, etc.) Aside from immediate access to your watching, buying, and selling portals, you now have the option of adding shortcuts for recent searches, preferred sellers, and specific category pages.

Auction listings now include what the company describes as "ultra-high resolution" item photos and the UI in general has seen an upgrade in sharpness throughout. There's even some eye candy to be found: activating the menu sidebar via a green tab situated in the upper left corner of the app now creates a nice pixelation effect that obscures content in the background. It's a clever way of shifting focus to the relevant area on screen.

Other improvements extend to search results — which can now be viewed in three ways — and navigation, thanks to the addition of a back button. Auctions can now be revised using the iPad app, which means there are even fewer reasons you'll need to log on from a desktop computer. eBay 2.0 for iPad is available in the iTunes App Store now.

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