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Galaxy S III 'Pop up play' feature brings picture-in-picture to your phone

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At its Galaxy S III launch event in London, one of the wildest new features Samsung announced was "Pop up play," a picture-in-picture mode for your phone.

Galaxy  S III pop up play
Galaxy S III pop up play

Samsung's new Galaxy S III has a ton of new software tweaks, but the craziest addition might the new "Pop up play" feature. Essentially, Pop up play lets you play a video anywhere on your Galaxy S III's 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, on top of another app — that means you can watch a video while checking your email, and then switch back to playing the video in full-screen mode. It's picture-in-picture, except instead of your TV it's on your Galaxy S III. We've seen some attempts at multi-window multitasking before from Samsung, with the "mini apps" on its TouchWiz tablets, but this feature seems like it could be a big step upward in usefulness.