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Galaxy S III's natural interactions 'see, listen, and respond'

Galaxy S III's natural interactions 'see, listen, and respond'


Samsung's new Galaxy S III features natural interactions that fully utilize the camera and hardware sensors. The phone responds to your voice, your eyes looking at the screen, and

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While most OEMs have focused on visual tweaks to Android 4.0, Samsung's "natural interaction" for the Galaxy S III is actually a pretty clever approach to utilizing the camera and various hardware-based sensors — "it sees, listens, and responds" is the echoed mantra here. And naturally, Samsung has individually named most of these new features.

Smart Stay uses the front camera to identify when your eyes are looking at the screen — say, when reading a book or looking at your favorite tech news website — and keeps the display bright for optimal viewing. S Voice, meanwhile, allows for SMS / email dictation, media control, calendar management, and — most importantly — it responds to you saying "snooze" when the alarm goes off. It can also launch the camera and capture a photo. S Voice currently understands eight languages, including German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and both American and British English.

As for motion and proximity, if you're in a text message window and hold the phone up to your ear, the Galaxy S III will start dialing that person (it's aptly titled "Direct Call"). Smart Alert will vibrate and let you know about missed calls and notifications if you pick up the device after leaving it idle for some time — that one's a bit odd to understand, but it should be clearer when we get some hands-on time.