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Flipboard for Android exclusive to Galaxy S III, wider availability in the 'coming months' (update)

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Visual reader Flipboard comes to Flipboard as an exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Flipboard Android
Flipboard Android

On top of new hardware, today's Samsung event will apparently see the launch of an exclusive Flipboard app, which marks the first time the visual reading app has appeared on Android. Unfortunately for everyone using a current Android device, Flipboard for Android will be exclusive for a time to the Galaxy S III, according to Slashgear. Their early hands-on with the device shows that it's much like the iOS version, with the added ability to browse your news via a large homescreen widget.

Flipboard also just launched a teaser page saying the app "will be available on select Android mobile phones" in the coming months.

Update: Well, this is interesting. While we've seen the app running live at the London event on the SIII, Flipboard tells us that details for launch on the S III "are not finalized."